WireLock - Distributed by JV Building SupplyDovetail Triangular Tie

Masonry to Concrete


WireLock Dovetail Triangular Tie from JV Building SupplyProduct Description

A flexible tie used to anchor masonry to concrete, the dovetail fits into a slot attached inside the concrete back up. If a slo is not being used, the dovetail has a hole to allow it to be screwed nto the back  up.

Finishes: Hot Dip Galvanized & Stainless Steel



Details & Sizing

  • Dimensions: 12 Gauge Clip with a 5/16” Hole and a 3/16” diameter wire tie.

  • Available Sizes:   0” Insulation, 1” Insulation, 1 ½”  Insulation, 2” Insulation, 3”  Insulation, 4” Insulation

  • Packaging: 250 pieces/Box

Spec Sheet

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