Insulation & Air Barriers

JV Building Supply stocks an extensive line of Insulation and Air Barriers. We carry a wide variety of architecturally specified manufacturer's products for all your jobsite requirements.

If the product you are looking for is not here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rigid Insulation Solutions by JV Building SupplyRigid Insulation

There are many benefits of using Dupont Styrofoam Insulation on your job:

  • Excellent long term thermal performance

  • Exceptional moisture resistance

  • Cavity wall board sizes available, no need to cut or snap to the correct dimensions

  • Products available for below grade application, exterior foundation walls,  as well as many other applications where load bearing and insulation capabilities are needed. 


Semi-Rigid Insulation Solutions by JV Building SupplySemi-Rigid Insulation

The benefits of using Owens Corning Thermafiber Semi-Rigid Mineral Wool Insulation other than its added fire protection:

  • Efficient, Versatile and light weight

  • Wide range of applications from commercial cavity wall applications, residential applications, as well as ducts, storage tanks and equipment

  • Easily cut with a knife, and applied quickly because of its light weight.

  • Typically installed with self adhesive stick pins or clips


Rigid Poly Isocyanurate Insulation Solutions by JV Building SupplyRigid Poly Isocyanurate Insulation

The benefits of using a Rigid Poly Iso Insulation:        

  • Very High Thermal resistance (R value )
  • Smaller thickness is required to achieve the same R Value  of other types of insulations
  • Long term moisture resistance
  • Environmentally friendly, HCFC Free
  • We are a distributor of Atlas Roofing EnergyShield and IKO Enerfoil Poly Iso Insulation



Complimentary Insulation accessories:

  • Firestopping Insulation

  • Sound Attenuation Insulation

  • Garbage Chute Insulation

  • Self Adhesive Stick Pins

  • Insulation Retaining Clips

  • Insulation Wedge     

Air Barriers

Commercial & Residential air barriers can improve a buildings thermal performance, by contributing to the energy efficiency. Air barriers can eliminate uncontrolled air leakage, and can help in controlling moisture and temperature in the building envelope, reducing energy costs.

Our inventory is regularly stocked with:

  • Henry Bakor Blueskin SA

  • Henry Bakor Blueskin TWF

  • Henry Bakor Blueskin Adhesive

  • Henry Bakor Airbloc 21

  • Henry Bakor Airbloc 31

  • Henry Bakor VP100

  • Henry Bakor VP160

  • Henry Bakor Aquatac Primer

  • Henry Bakor BE925 Sealant

  • Henry Bakor - Bakor LF

  • Insulation Adhesive                      

  • Dupont Tyvek Home Wrap

  • Dupont Tyvek Commercial Wrap


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