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Lehigh Stone Hold Premium Mortar Mix from JV Building SupplyProduct Description

Lehigh STONE HOLD is the  preferred mortar mix in today’s construction Industry for all your stone veneer needs. Just add water to the product and you will have consistent workability, excellent durability as well as superior strength and adhesion.   

Use: Interior and Exterior Applications of both Manufactured and Natural Stone applications. Can be used as a scratch coat, bond coat, over concrete and masonry surfaces as well as over metal lathe. As well can be used to finish the joints. 


Details & Sizing

  • Lehigh Stone Hold Premium Mortar Mix  is packaged in 60lb (27.2 kg) bags.

  • 40 bags per skid.

  • Yield: One 60lb (27.2 kg) bag will cover approximaley 12 Sq.Ft at ½” thickness.

  • Colour: Grey 


Spec Sheet / SDS Sheet

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