Lehigh Masonry Cement & Pre-Mix - Distributed by JV Building SupplyHigh Early Type 30 Lehigh

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Lehigh High Early Type 30 Masonry Cement from JV Building SupplyProduct Description

Lehigh High Early Portland cement is known for its excellent workability, easier finish ability, consistent colouring as well as a long lasting durable product. The attention to detail during their manufacturing process produces a superior performing Portland cement to satisfy all your construction needs, whether it be for above or below grade application. Prepackaged,  Lehigh Portland  Cement meets or exceeds the requirements of  CSA A3001. 

Use: Lehigh High Early Portland cement is suitable for use in site-batched concrete, concrete paving, well-cementing, concrete pipe, and concrete block etc. This prodcut is chemically and physically similar to Type GUL cement, except that its particles are ground finer for earlier stength gain.


Details & Sizing

  • Lehigh High Early Portland cement is packaged in 40kg bags.

  • 40kg – 40 bags per skid

  • Colour: Grey 


Spec Sheet / SDS Sheet

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